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Andrea Tani

Personal Data


  • a.tani at



Postdoc Research Fellow


Ph.D. in Computer Science, Multimediality and Telecommunications with a thesis on Ricevitori Cognitivi per Applicazioni in Sistemi di Telecomunicazioni avanzati from the University of Florence 17/03/2008

MSc degree in Telecommunications Engineering (cum Laude) with a thesis on Ricevitore a cancellazione d’interferenza per reti CDMA a fibra ottica incoerenti, from the University of Florence

Research Topics

  • Cyclostationary Signal Processing for Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks

  • Cooperative Spectrum Sensing and estimation of radio resources in Cognitive Vehicular Communication Networks

  • Spectrum Sensing under RF Impairments in cognitive wide band receivers (Dirty RF)

  • Impulsive Noise Detection and RFI Mitigation.

  • Machine learning technique for Radio resource reconnaissance and identification in Cognitive Radio

List of publication


    Working experiences/Projects involvement

    • 2015-2016 Project: Spectrum Sensing Techniques for Pervasive Networks: within the project SIRIS (Info-mobility Services for optimizing and tracking the collection and transport of Special Waste).

    • 2014-2015 Collaborator in the SIGMA project (Integrated System for Cloud environment sensors for Multirisk Advanced Management).

    • 2013-2014 Collaborator in the project Habitat (validation of management policies, service quality to support the transmission of information on heterogeneous wireless networks).

    • 2011-2012 Collaborator in the Project ” Space Time Adaptive Processing for Avionics Radars” c/o Centro per la Comunicazione e l’Integrazione dei Media (MICC)

    • 2011-2012 Collaborator in the Project concerning the extension of the VoIP technology on a open source platform at the University Telephony system c/o CSIAF.

    • 2010-2011 Collaborator as VoIP expert in the Project “UNI5NET4STUDENT” co-financed by the department for digitalization and technological innovation of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (ICT4University‐Università digitale) c/o CSIAF

    • 2008-2009 Project TWNET (Tetra Wireless NETwork ), D5.1 - Report on innovative technologies applicable to the project.

    • 2008-2009 Project SWAN, “Sistemi software per Applicazioni di Navigazione”: responsible of WP2225 “Interference Modeling”.

    • 2005-2007 Project GIRASOLE (Galileo Integrated Receiver for Safety of Life Equipment) European Project FP6: responsible WP 342 “Maritime RFI Detection and Mitigation”.

    • 2004-2005 Project “Radio Science Digital Receivers”, under the program ”Radio Experiment with interplanetary probes c/o Radio Astronomy institute (CNR, unit of Florence)

    • 2001-2002 Collaborator within the Project DAVID (Data and Video Interactive Distribution) – Data Collection Experiment (CNIT)

    Reviewer of the following journals: Transaction on Vehicular Technology, Electronic Letters, and Physical Communications


    • Voip basic concepts: 24 hours course c/o CSIAF (Dicembre 2012-Gennaio 2013)

    • 3 lessons of the Optical Communication course, University of Florence (A/A 2004-2005)

    Tutored Thesis:
    1. S. Ducceschi, Sistema Galileo: Analisi Spettrale delle Interferenze a Radiofrequenza in Ambiente Marittimo BSc degree in Telecommunications Engineering ,Università di Firenze, 2006

    2. A. Germogli, Tecniche di Interference Detection e Mitigation per Applicazioni in Reti 802.11b Autoconfiguranti, MSc degree in Telecommunications Engineering, Università di Firenze, 2008

    3. R. Meliani, Il rumore impulsivo su linee xdsl: analisi statistica, simulativa e campagna di misure MSc degree in Telecommunications Engineering,, Università di Firenze , 2008

    4. N.Bellacci, Tecniche di Rilevazione e Mitigazione del Rumore Impulsivo su Linee Cablate xDSL MSc degree in Telecommunications Engineering, Università di Firenze 2008

    5. M. Campolmi, Studio di Tecniche di Interference Detection e Mitigation per Sistemi xDSL Affetti da Impulsi di Rumore Reali, MSc degree in Telecommunications Engineering, Università di Firenze 2009


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