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Monica Gherardelli

Personal Data

MONICA GHERARDELLI was born on 07/01/1955 in FLORENCE (IT)


Ph. D. in INFORMATION ENGINEERING, with a thesis on SIGNAL PROCESSING IN DIVERSITY POLARIZATION RADARS, from a Consortium between the Universities of Florence, Padua, Pisa and Trieste (1987).

Degree in ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING, with a thesis on ANALYSIS OF AN ADAPTIVE POLARIZATION RADAR RECEIVER FOR ATMOSPHERIC CLUTTER REJECTION, from the School of Engineering of the University of Florence (I) (1981, 110/110 cum laude)

Position held

Associate Professor

Research Topics

  • Diversity polarization radars.
  • Digital transmission techniques.
  • Application of digital technologies to Cultural Heritage.

List of publications 

Projects involvement

  • PRIN 2015 Project, entitled “Toward new methods for early diagnosis and screening of genetic ocular diseases in childhood” (scientific responsible for the Local Research Unit).
  • Sii-Mobility Project (Support of Integrated Interoperability for Services to Citizens and Public Administration), a project of National Smart City: Transport and Terrestrial Mobility (responsible of the UNIFI- LSTT unit) (Starting date: 1/1/2016).
  • Project for the cataloguing of antique moulds of the Ginori manufactory at Doccia (2012-2016)
  • PRIN 2004 Project, entitled “Technologies for Protection, Quality Evaluation and Multimedia Content localization of Cultural Heritage” (scientific responsible for the Local Research Unit).
  • Regional Projects on Innovative Techniques for Multimedia Education.


  • Signal Theory (6 CFU), a course of the First Level Degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering.
  • Digital Transmission (7 of 9 CFU), a course of the Second Level Degree in Telecommunications Engineering (Path: Telecommunication Systems).
  • Digital Transmission Techniques (4 of 6 CFU), course borrowed from Digital Transmission of the Second Level Degree in Telecommunications Engineering (Path: Networks and Internet Technologies).
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